Links & Files

Helpful Webminister Resources

Markup Language and Scripting

HTML5 Tutorial from W3Schools

Markup Tutorial from W3 Schools

HTML Primer from HTMLGoodies


HTML Character Codes

HTML5 Periodical Table

HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet


Another HTML Character/Symbol Code Listing

CSS Zen Garden

CSS3 Mega Cheat Sheet


Validation Tools

W3 Markup Language Validator

W3 CSS Validator

Content Management Platforms

Comparison Chart: WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

WordPress (You can download the latest version of WordPress here for free!)

Drupal  (You can download the latest version of Drupal here for free!)

Joomla (You can download the latest version of Joomla here for free!)

WordPress Basics (from Lochac Web Wright)

How to Make a Website: Step-by-Step Guide

WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet (2015)

WordPress Starting a Website Cheat Sheet

WordPress Plugins Database

32 Free Plugins for WordPress

17 Plugins for WordPress (Free/Freemium)

WordPress Theme Directory

Images (Creative Commons Licensed)

AEthelmearc File Server

SCA Digital Scribes

Society Chatelain – Photo Page

Society Media Relations Photo page (Images available for use by SCA Officers and Media)





FlatIcon (has some free icons under CC license)

Image Format Cheat Sheet

Copyright & Fair Use

United Stated Copyright Law

Copyright Information from the University of Texas

Fair Use Information from University of Texas


CreativeCommons Search

CreativeCommons: Best Practices for Attribution


Information on Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 from

Easy Checks – A First Review of Web Accessibility from

VisCheck (for colorblindness)

JuicyStudio Readability Test

JuicyStudio Image Accessibility Checker

Other Useful Tools 

KnightLab Timeline Creator

Create your own handwriting font at Calligraphr 

Is your website mobile friendly?

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Is It Down Right Now

Down For Everyone or Just Me

Find Your IP Address @ ipchicken

Brush Ninja

Remove Background






Request Map Generator

Bookmarklets that can make life easier